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Commercial Cleaning Service

Why Major Janitorial Service, Inc.

We are a complete janitorial service. This means we can handle all your cleaning needs, starting from daily service, which is our specialty. We also provide detailed and deep cleaning services. We can handle all your floor scrubbing and waxing, carpet cleaning and YES we do windows. We are very easy to work with and always pleasant. Since cost is always an issue, we tailor the cleaning program to fit your needs and budget.

  • Emptying all trash and replacing liners
  • Dusting and wiping office furniture and equipment
  • Disinfecting counters and tables
  • Thorough vacuuming of carpeting and rugs (we use HEPA filter on all vacuums)
  • Floor dusting using easy trap dusting system
  • Damp and wet mop using microfiber system
  • Disinfecting restrooms. We pay attention to details like light switches, fingerprints and vent dusting
  • Elevator and Stairwell maintenance
  • Window cleaning
  • We supply all equipment, can liners, trash bags and cleaning supplies

Completed OSHA training program
Green Cleaning and L.E.E.D. Program

We understand your security concerns and want to assure you that we are very particular as to who we hire. Our people are thoroughly trained and have worked with us for many years. Some of our employees have been with us for more than 20 years.

The owners also actively participate in the nightly cleaning and supervision. Major Janitorial Service, Inc. uses germicidal chemicals in your restrooms and office to control the transmission of disease.

Clean air is very important in today's business environment. Consequently we use earth friendly cleaning methods where possible.

Cleaning Services Overview

Professional Night Time Office

We believe evening, after business hour cleaning, is the most efficient cleaning that offers the very best results. Everyone benefits from a clean office - from employees to visiting clients and customers. Companies are evaluated by their appearance and cleaning makes a difference. Let us give your office a fresh start every day.

Large Complexes to Small Buildings

Office cleaning is what we built our company on. It is the roots (or core) of our business. We started 40 years ago and like other similar business, we started with small office cleaning. The difference with us is that we have never underestimated the small office. Very often, small offices turn into large companies, affording them much growth. We would enjoy very much growing with you.

Large office buildings in today's market need to be exceptionally clean to attract and maintain satisfied tenants. We listen and comply with any reasonable request. We work in your building many hours every day and understand the importance of close communication with management. We are very hands-on and report issues so management can be aware of them. We are simply part of the team.

Doctors' & Medical Offices

Cleaning a medical facility is unique because of germs and the need for a spotless appearance. We have OSHA training and comply with OSHA standards while cleaning. We use the very best germicidal cleaning chemicals to maintain the facility.


We are experienced with dealership cleaning and have been cleaning them for many years. We can maintain the whole facility, from Service areas to Showrooms, seven days a week. We always pass inspection and are willing to do the extras that keeps the dealership clean, even on the last few days of the month.

Floor Care Both Tile & Carpet

Carpet cleaning extends the life of the carpet and improves appearance. In the offices and facilities we maintain, we use both extraction and rotary-type carpet cleaning systems.

Tile can be low maintenance but grout is difficult to keep clean. We have all the pressure-washing equipment, chemicals, know-how and training to clean and maintain your tile and grout.

Window Cleaning

Interior or exterior. We clean windows and frames.

Stripping and Waxing Hard Floors

Our strip and wax floor cleaning services provide the look and shine you need and want. We use the best floor finish for the job. A properly waxed floor is safer, looks better, and helps the floor last longer. It's worth the investment.

Pressure Cleaning

If we are cleaning your facility, we will gladly care for your outside pressure cleaning needs from entrance ways to sidewalks.

Your satisfaction is our main concern!

Large or small buildings or facilities.....Major Janitorial offers full janitorial services and can meet our customers service needs daily, weekly or monthly. We can have your facility clean and fresh and ready to start a new day with only one phone call.

Our success has been earned by hard work and dealing honestly with our clients. We are proud to be one of the most successful Janitorial services in Southern Florida.